Building the Harry V. Sucher designed Skipjack 26

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2009 Our inspiration
2010 Building the Prototype
Building and floating the prototype
Laying out the full size boat
Building frames
Building the keelson
Starting side panels
Working on frames and side panels
2011 Keelson, butt blocks, sides
Sides, bottom
Nose cone
2012 Nose cone
Nose cone
2013 Fairing, glassing
Glassing, filling
Filling, sanding, bottom paint
Righting the boat
2014 Arrival of more plywood and the 40 hp outboard
Install afterdeck
Start cabin sole
Complete cabin sole, cut sheer, prototype cabin
Cabin windows, more deck work, cabin frames
More cabin design, bending roof frames
2015 Roof supports, cabin sole, cabin rear wall
Cabin sides, foredeck, windshield
Cabin, foredeck
2016 Afterdeck, cabin